Welcome to Common2Us Blog!

Welcome everyone to our blog!

It took us two years to find the perfect moment to make it… but here it is already up and running!

During these two years that we have been operating, many things have happened at Common2Us. We’ve been growing little by little and we’ve managed to create the amazing team that we are nowadays: Borja, Soraya, Rodrigo, Michael and Zag. And many nice volunteers coming and going all the time.

But let us introduce a little bit of what we are…

Common2Us came from the idea of producing food holistically, in a natural way. We consider farming in an organic way to be a vehicle of supporting a natural existence. We give special importance to the fact that this model could give farmers a better life and share the risks with the consumer. It is a model that not only brings healthy and quality food to the consumer at a good price but enhances social relations and a better understanding of the nature of growing food. We want to be able to share the true value of supporting your local farmer; the benefits of having them arounf you and producing your food in better, more sustainable ways.

Hope to see you around!

Enjoy the photos below and the food we grow!

Processed with RookieDSC_0022_01DSC_4902Michel milkwoodzagStall Berowrabeet and fennella foto judias



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